Luxury  Vegan  Donuts

We bake with Love vegan donuts

We bake with Love vegan donuts

We bake with Love vegan donutsWe bake with Love vegan donutsWe bake with Love vegan donuts

About Us Gluten Free Foods, Vegan, and Grain Free

About Us


Luxury Vegan Donuts is a donut company that specialized in making delicious vegan, gluten free, corn free and soy free donuts. We have made it our number one priority to healtherize donuts. We believe that all can benefit from a yummy delicious and healthy donut and customers should be given that option. For this purpose, Luxury Vegan Donuts was created to change the dynamic of the donut world. Simple ingredients are what we are about;  real flavors over loads of artificial sugars and chemical flavors. We are putting customers health first and that is why we have different tiers of donut level. Tier silver all the way to Tier Diamond gives the customer choices. And, control of what goes in their donuts. Our aim is to get everyone to Gold or Diamond Tier Donuts. Where there are no added sugars, just fruits to sweeten. However, we understand changes don’t just happen overniget and that incremental approach is one of the process to facilitate change. And that is why we encourage all our customers to move up the tiers with the expectation of finally reaching Diamond Tier. All of our donuts are handmade  because human contact is very important in food preparation.

Company Goals


 Our company’s donut goals are simple;  to make donuts that are healthy and delicious, to use organic and natural ingredients, to never use additives, preservatives, wheat, animal products or MSG in any of our donut making. All of our donuts are gluten free and vegan. We used the best gluten free flour on the market, our own brand that is uniquely made. A lot of care and love goes into every donut. The ingredients that we use are all 100% natural and organic. We only use organic sweeteners and fruits in our donut making. Simple ingredients!!! Taste the flavors when you use real vanilla, oils, organic sugar, organic peanuts and natural ingredients. There is no need for artificial flavors and artificial food enhancers when you use natural and organic ingredients.  In  other words,  to  make  delicious,  yummy and  awesome donuts with  the  best ingredients.  

Company Policy


Guilt free:   when you eat our donuts you can rest assure that you are getting the highest quality in donut making, ingredients,   and the thought behind Luxury Vegan Donuts. We believe that food should add to your health even if it’s a donut. And by using organic ingredients and avoiding additives, preservative, artificial flavors, artificial colors,  artificial ingredients we can give you the best delicious donut on the market. Each donut is handmade just for you. We used only the best, organic and natural ingredients. We have sugar free delicious donuts that are made with fruits and vegetables. These donuts will blow your taste buds with unique flavors and taste. All of our donuts are super delicious, yummy, and scrumptious!!! It’s time we do it right vegan donuts!!! Gluten free foods.  Our  policy is simple  use  real food  to  make  real food.